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Final Year Projects

Below are list of student's name and their respective FYP Titles for Academic Session 2013-2014


1 ABDUL RAHMAN BIN SAHARUDIN Study of Electromagnetic band gap surface current smoothing aptitude and near-field coupling analysis to enhance link budget of a novel antenna.
2 ABD. KADIR JAILANI BIN MUKHTAR Simulation Design and Analysis on Optical Single Side Band  Subcarrier Multiplexed Wavelength Division Multiplexing Schemes
3 ABDUL HADI BIN AHMAD FAUZI Prototype Development of of Embedded Linux based Stand Alone Indoor Bill Board
5 ABDULHAKEEM ALI HAMOOD NAJI AL BAADANI Image Enhancement Using Histogram Equalization
6 ADEEB MOHAMMED ABDO AL AREQI Implementation of TFRC over Real_time Application
7 AGNES LING MEI HUI Development of IPv6 network over the Internet Network
8 AHMAD AMIZAN BIN GHAZALI Recognition of Filled Bubbles OMR form 
9 AHMAD AZZIN BIN ASHARI image segmentation using artificial neural network method
10 AIZUREEN LOW AI CHIA Analysis and Classification of EEG Signals for Motor Imagery-based Brain- Computer Interface (BCI) Application
11 AMIRRULLAH BIN ALI MUNIR Image segmentation using Markov  Radom Field
12 AMIRUL HAFIZAH BINTI YAACOB Design and Development of microstrip resonator
13 ANDREAS LIM HOW KEAT Enhancement of Secure Students Progress Analysis System 
14 ANG CHUNG HUI Beam-tilting EBG Dipole Array
15 ATHIRAH BINTI ABDULLAH SANI Image processing software to detect wrong direction moving vehicle 
16 AZURA BINTI ROSLAN Introduction to ABC 
17 AZWAN BIN ASHARI Face detection using LBP features.
18 BADRUL HISHAM BIN MOHAMAD intelligent traffic lights
19 BENJAMIN YAP CHUN MUN Energy consumption optimization for wireless sensor networks medium access protocols
20 CHAN CHUNG UEI Speed monitor in highway roads
21 CHEOR WAI LOON Multi-port transmitter for Wireless System
22 CHIN HUAI PIN Car plate number reader using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
23 CHONG PEI SUN  Embedded Linux Shared Drive based Client Server
24 CHOOI LI YUAN Imaging system for underground object detection
25 CHOONG ZHI PIN RF MEMS patch antenna with switchable slot 
26 EFENDY EDRUS BIN KAMIS @ PUTEH Body propagation model for early tumor detection
27 ERICSON A/L KANAGARAJ Cellular Tower Monitoring and Management System
28 FARAH HANANI BINTI MOHAMED SHAH Smart Detector System for Agriculture
29 FAZRUL BIN CHE MAT DTrans : Data Transfer Firmware between Desktop PC to Embedded platform
30 FONG YIN YIN Custamizable Wireless Sensor Network for Water Quality Monitoring
31 FOO CHING LICK Radar Synthetic Vision System For Severe Haze
32 GOH HUI SAN Heartbeat Monitoring System
33 GOH KIA KAH Data acquisition system for body-to-body radio communication channel using Labview
34 HARI KISHANDER A/L HARI SUNDAR Human Movement Effect on Signal Strength for Indoor WSN Deployment
35 HASHIMAH BINTI ABD HAMID Jawi Learning System
36 HIDAYATUL SUBIAN BINTI MOHD ROSLI Automated Abnormal Segmentation Detection and Correction in Image Processing
37 HOH WEI SIANG Development of Network Topology for UniMAP Campus
38 JAMALUDIN BIN A.R.RAWI Image restoration using 2-D Kalman Filtering
39 JAYANTHY A/P ARUMUGAM Sentiment Analysis for Onomatopoeia Classification
40 KANG POH FONG Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols over the Wireless Network
41 KHAIRUL ANWAR BIN RAMLI A Comparative Analysis of Lightpath Provisioning Schemes in Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS)-based Optical IP Networks
42 KHAIRUL LUQMAN BIN JOHARI Blood Pressure Measurement Device
43 KO XIANG YI Campus network optimization with ichi taguchi method
44 KRISHNA KUMAR A/L RAMASAMY Improvement of Network Eye
45 LAI THIAM SOON Topic Detection and Tracking in Topically Related News Article using Statistical Model
46 LAM MAN WAH Simulation Design and Comparison of OCDMA system using Different NEtwork Topologies
47 LEE HUI YING Design and Develpment of Microwave Coplanar Wave Guide (CPW) filter.
48 LIM CHUAN LUN Renewable Energy Harvester for Mobile Power Bank
49 LIM WEI TAT Development of Mobile Application for Learning C Programming using PhoneGap
50 LOGASARAVANAN A/L ARUMUGAM A Developed of Lecture Notification System using Zigbee
51 LOW RUIQI Online tender management system
52 MAHEERAH HANUM BINTI ZAINUL Microwave Probes inspired by Metamaterial
53 MARLIANA BINTI MD NAZIR Design and Development of Patch tuned antenna
54 MAZLIANA ERNIZA BINTI MOHAMAD Design Low Cost Fiber Space Optic (FSO) for Video Transmission.
55 MOHAMAD AIDIL BIN ABDUL JALIL image quality assesment using structural similarity analysis
56 MOHAMAD AKMAL BIN MOHD SABRI directional transform for image denoising
57 MOHAMAD AMERRAZZLY BIN OTHMAN Investigation into carbon nanotube using open-source molecular dyanamics simulator
58 MOHAMAD FAIZAL BIN KAMARULZAMAN Experimental Performance Evaluation of Traffic Engineering in MPLS Networks: Route Methods and Analysis
59 MOHAMAD FARIZU BIN MOHD NASSIR Facial landmark detection using histogram of oriented gradients (HOG)
60 MOHAMMAD NIZAM BIN AMRAN Analysis of OCDMA system performance based on different modulation format
61 MOHAN RAO A/L SAMUTHIRAM Automatic Text Classification for Email Filtering
62 MOHD FAKHRUR RAZI BIN MOHAMAD ZIN Feature Extraction Algorithm for Endoscopic Gastritis Images
63 MOHD HANAFI BIN MD GHAZALI Synch Multiple Client single Server Communication on Embedded Linux
64 MOHD HARIZ BIN ABU BAKAR T-Way Test Suite Generator in Android Environment
65 MOHD IZZAT AIMAN BIN MOHD RUSDI Palmprint verification system using Fisherpalm features
66 MOHD SYAHIR BIN YARDZA Android based car rental management system.
67 MOHD ZAIM RASYIDI BIN JUSOH Development of an Integrated WiFi and WSN Gateway using SBC
68 MOHD. KHELMI BIN SUAHIMI Automatic wood recognition system 
69 MOK LI SUET Characterization a Nano Composite Magneto Polymeric Dielectric Substrate/Matrix for antenna application
70 MUDA ARIZAN BIN MUDA ISNIN Preempt-RT Linux Kernel on TS 7800 performance Analysis
71 MUHAMMAD FAIZ BIN MAT JADI Corn Yield Indicator and Monitoring System
72 MUHAMMAD HAFIZ HAZWAN BIN HASHIM Finger canner touch screen using image processing
73 MUHAMMAD HIZAMI BIN MOHD ROSNAINI Speech Based Online Tutoring System
74 MUHAMMAD ZAINUDIN BIN SOLAHUDIN Formation and Steering of electromagnetic beam using antenna array
75 NG PIT HAO Development of Path Algorithm for Autonomous Rescue Robot
76 NG SHU CHYI bar code detection and recognition
77 NOOR HIDAYAH BINTI TANZIZI High Efficiency Power Amplifier For Tracking Radar
78 NOR AZREEN BINTI MOHAMAD RAZALI Performance Analysis of optical OFDM system using direct detection technique  
79 NUR AQILAH BINTI OTHMAN Language Translating System 
80 NUR AZLIN BINTI MUHAMAD APANDI Design of six-port network on planar microstrip
81 NUR DIANA BINTI ABU BAKAR RF Energy harvesting Circularly Polarized rectenna  
82 NUR HAFIZUL BIN HASSAN Active Shape Model for lip tracking.
83 NUR KHALIDAH BINTI HASHIM Sequential Coders for Image Compression
84 NUR LIYANA BINTI MOHAMAD RADZI Non-uniform harmonic suppression microstrip patch array antenna
85 NUR SHAHADAH BINTI AZIZAN Discretization Algorithm Using Boundary Cut-Point Technique for Endoscopic Gastritis Images
86 NUR SYAFIQAH BINTI ABD RAHMAN Automatic engine fault detection system using vibration signal 
87 NURFARIHAN BINTI FAUZI Real-time object detection and tracking using Haar Cascade Classifiers.
88 NURNAZIHAH BINTI SAAT Liquid Refractive Index Measurement using Optical Sensor 
89 NURSAIYIDAH BINTI MOHD SANAT Circularly Polarized Harmonics Suppression microstrip patch antenna  for Wireless Power Transmission
90 NURUL AINI BINTI KHALID Study on ISM band IEEE 802.15.4 interference mitigation model
91 NURUL ANNISA EMELIA BINTI SHAMSUDDIN Finite Length Test Sequences in On-Line System Identification
92 NURUL ASIKIN BINTI MOHAMAD Broadband impedance matching network RF-to-DC rectifier for rectenna system
93 NURUL LYANA BINTI CHE RAHIM Passive human behavior monitoring for enabling intelligent green building using WSN
94 NURUL SYAFIQAH BINTI ARSHAD Circuitry  Power Divider inspired by Metamaterial
95 NURULFARAH BINTI MOHD SOBRI Development Of Transceiver System Based On Monopulse Target Tracking Technique
96 PHAN CHEE HOU An Embedded Delta Modulator System for Coding Speech Signals.
97 PHAN TSE MUN Multi-port RF- Front End Direct Conversion Receiver 
98 QATRUNADA BINTI KHOSIM Decision Tree-based Feature Selection Algorithm To Promote Classification
99 Rajeshkumar a/l Gunasagaran Implementation of Feature Extraction of Moving Objects Detection and Recognition on FPGA platform
100 SAW HUNG YEAT Investigation of the Nonlinearity Effects on Subcarrier Multiplexed WDM network Performance
101 SHAHARDI BIN SALLEH Social Network in Wireless Personal Area Network (wPAN) : A Threat Analysis
102 Shahril Syazwan bin Saberi  
103 SITI NORBAAYAH BINTI ABU BAKAR application of k-means clustering for image segmentation
104 SITI NURAJIERAH BINTI MD AZIZ Discretized Data Pattern Algorithm To Promote Classification
105 siti rohani binti yusoff Development of Wireless CCTV using Wireless Bridging System
106 SITI SAKINAH BINTI KAMARUDIN Train Wheel Health Monitoring Using Optical Sensor 
107 SIVASELAN RAJ A/L VIJAYAN Design and simulation of fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor for monitoring respiration and heart activity.
108 SURENDRAN A/L GOPAL 802.11 WLAN Network Optimization with Robust engineering methods, The UniMAP pauh Putra Campus as a case study
109 SURENTIRAN A/L PADMANATHAN WiFi UHF Frequency Converter Design for TW-White Space Application
110 SUSIANTI BINTI ASULI Automatic Test Case Translator for Uniform Strength T-Way Strategy 
111 TEOH HUE YI Holiday Assistant 
112 THAN WEI FONG RFID Real Time Location using Signal Strength Detection for Office Used
113 THANABALASINGHAM A/L DORAI SINGAM Face Recognition System using Eigenface features
114 Thiruchelvan A/L Dharmalingam Performance study of video transmission over the network
115 TOH LEOW BIN Development of Health Monitoring System on FPGA Platform
116 TUAN MASITAH BINTI TUAN MAT Study of tissue simulating liquids (TSL) and its effect on the capsule antenna performance.
117 VICNESH A/L K GANESAN Investigation of the effect of human body movements on the body-to-body radio channel characteristics for spatial diversity
118 VIJAYASARVESWARI A/P VEERAPERUMAL Cognitive Radio based optimal sensing for resource allocation in smart cities/smart village 
120 WONG CHIA YONG A Testbed for Heterogeneous 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless Networks: Implementation, Characterization Challenges and Open Issues
121 WONG VEE GEE Wireless Power Transmission based Solar Power for smart home applications
122 YAHYA ABDALHAKIM LUTF AL SABAHI Performance Analysis of various SAC-OCDMA detection techniques
123 YONG HON KIT Embedded System for Learning  Basic Java Programming
124 YUGERAJ A/L RAMAJAYAM Cloud-based routing resource allocation in smart cities/smart village

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