School's Background

School of Computer and Communication Engineering (SCCE or PPKKP) offers Philosophical Doctorate, Master’s and  Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree programs in Computer Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Network Engineering and Diploma in Computer Engineering. The programmes provide students for their future career in  the following industries: electronic and electrical and IT industries, academia, and government by providing outstanding environment and facilities for teaching, learning, and for research. The School places high priority on establishing and maintaining innovative research activities to enhance its education quality and make it relevant and competitive at regional, national and international  level. And providing resources for for discovering, integrating and applying new knowledge and technologies.

SCCE has well equipped and up to date laboratories equipments. These modern teaching laboratories provide extensive computer supported facilities for laboratory activities in such areas as computer programming, microprocessors, communication systems, antenna and microwaves, embedded systems, computer networks and various branches of electronics. These laboratories are exploited at all stages of the course to support the lecture and tutorial program, and to provide up-to-date resources for projects  based activities.

The students are also exposed in industrial training for industrial exposure, through direct involvement with the related industrial sector and an providing opportunities to companies to provide ‘necessary industrial exposer' for the students.  The student are able to show their potential and hopefully the host company will be interested to employ them once they completed their study.