Congratulations to PM Dr. Latifah Munirah and students who attended the Sakura Exchange Program with University of Yamanashi, Japan from July 22nd to August 11th, 2018. Here we share the report written by Yamanashi University Graduate School of Integrated Studies Department (translated into English version)

Report from Yamanashi University Graduate School of Integrated Studies Department of Technical exchanges with graduate students from the University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia and Implementation of the international joint research program( Original Japanese Version)


We invited 10 graduate students (doctoral course) and one faculty member from Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) in Malaysia from July 22nd to August 11th, 2018. With regard to technology for analyzing and visualizing sensing big data obtained from devices (image, sound, light, atmosphere, etc.) using artificial intelligence related technologies such as deep learning and image processing, and IoT (Internet-of-Things) technology with students and teachers at Yamanashi University Exchange and international collaborative research was carried out.

In this exchange program, we first offered a seminar as deep learning, image processing, augmented reality (AR), sensor device, IoT technical exchanges, which are strengths of each other's universities. At the seminar of deep learning, Associate Professor Hiromitsu Nishizaki of Yamanashi University served as lecturer, and from the beginning to the application technology for deep learning, I conducted lectures and practical forms for two days. In practical training, a graduate student at Yamanashi University assisted teaching students of UniMAP as a teaching assistant.

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We also held a seminar on augmented reality by Prof. Masahiro Toyoura from Yamanashi University and a seminar on image processing by Prof. Kayayo Kayama of the same university. The students of UniMAP attended a very interesting listening on these subjects and enthusiastically discussed with lecturers.

Meanwhile, Dr. Latifah Munirah from UniMAP conducted a sensor and IoT seminar. The University Malaysia Perlis is well versed in sensors and IoT technologies and has held a seminar based on the experience developing and operating sensors that can be installed in various places such as cars, forests, aquariums in Malaysia. In practical training at sensor seminar, UniMAP students enthusiastically taught graduate students and faculty members at Yamanashi University using actual sensing devices and radio equipment.

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For the second week, we first discussed discussions on joint research themes with faculty and students from UniMAP and faculty members of Yamanashi University and talked about research contents to be carried out during their stay. With regard to deep learning dealing with sensing data, at the Nishizaki laboratory of Yamanashi University, research theme dealing with image processing was decided to be conducted at Kaya Toyoura Laboratory. I worked on this research theme for about two weeks.

On the last day, we held a report on the outcome of research results of less than two weeks. Even though the research period was only about two weeks but it was short, the students who produced outcomes as large as possible to publish the papers, students who produced outcomes useful for research on future dissertations, it is possible to do research using making use of this program, and it can be said that the program implemented this time was successful.

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During the period, visitors to the facilities of Yamanashi University (such as farms that adopted IoT), Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Ishida laboratory, which is developing gas sensor robots that are deeply involved in research activities conducted at UniMAP I visited. Also, in order to experience Japanese culture and state-of-the-art technology, we visited the Yamanashi Prefectural Linear Visiting Center with excursions to Mt. Fuji and its surrounding areas.

On the day before the last day, we held a certificate of completion of the Cherry blossom science plan. After that, as the farewell party on the last night in Japan, we treated the people of Perlis with sushi and okonomiyaki.

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In this program, I stayed for 3 weeks but I think that it was 3 weeks passed by quickly. I was convinced that the state-of-the-art technology I learned in Japan would be fully utilized in research in Malaysia. In order to continue collaborative research in the future, Professor Kaya and Associate Professor Nishizaki will continue to conduct research guidance as a supervisor in the student who invited. We believe that this will be the catalyst for further development of research and technology exchanges between Japan and Malaysia.

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