Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Honours (RK 20)

The undergraduate Computer Engineering program is committed to providing students with a high-quality education and prepares them for long and successful careers in industry and government. Its graduates, while eminently ready for immediate employment, are also fully ready for focused training as required for specific positions in computer engineering and closely related areas. The students “learn to learn” so that they can readily adapt themselves as the field of computing and computing environment change constantly. Graduates interested in highly technical careers, research, and/or academia are fully prepared to further their education in graduate schools. Graduates from this School have good oral and written communication skills as well as a good understanding of ethical issues related to the computing profession.

The computer engineering curriculum places emphasis on both hardware and software aspects of system design and ensures that the design experience, which includes both analytical and experimental studies, is integrated throughout the program in a sequential manner leading to advanced work. Design problems are frequently assigned in both lecture and laboratory courses. Each student is required to complete a major design project during the senior year. In addition, established cooperative education programs with IT industry further supplement students’ design experience.

  • Position Titles of Recent Graduates





    Software Engineer

    Jurutera Perisian

    Hardware Engineer

    Jurutera Perkakasan

    Process Engineer

    Jurutera Proses

    DSP Engineer

    Jurutera DSP

    Quality Assurance/ Control Engineer

    Jurutera Kawalan Kualiti/Piawaian

    Product Engineer

    Jurutera Produk

    Software Develope

    Pemaju Perisian

    Test Engineer

    Jurutera Pengujian

    R&D Engineer

    Jurutera R&D

    Sales Engineer

    Jurutera Jualan

    Instrumentation Engineer

    Jurutera Instrumentasi

    Engineering Consultant

    Perunding Kejuruteraan

    IC Design Engineer

    Jurutera Rekabentuk Litar Bersepadu

    Development Engineer

    Jurutera Pembangunan

    System (IT) Administrator

    Pegawai Sistem (IT)





    Ahli Akademik

  • Four Year Curriculum Plan