B. Eng. (Hons) Computer Network Engineering (RK 93)

The aim of Computer Network Engineering is to provide excellent education in modern wireless and wired computer networks, network protocols, architectures, and data communication systems. The program specifically provides a solid educational foundation in digital data transmission, source coding and channel coding, Internet and intranet protocols, network architectures, and digital modulation schemes in addition to basic concepts of electrical networks, electronics, electromagnetics, computers, digital systems, and communications.

Mastery of these areas provides students with the ability to design, implement and maintain any type of inter/intra networks which is very vital for any industry. This prepares them for rewarding and successful careers in telecommunications (cellular and mobile), data communication networks, network architectures, wireless, optical networking, and next-generation networks. The program is carefully designed to provide students with the skills required to design, analyze, install, configure, and maintain a comprehensive network.

  • Position Titles of Recent Graduates

  • Four Year Curriculum Plan