Three students of SK Sena, Perlis won the bronze medal in the state level of the National Robotic Competitions under the Ministry of Education. The students has undergo an intensive training under the program organized by School of Computer and Communication Engineering in collaboration with Centre of Excellence for Advance Sensor and Technology (CEASTech).

SK Sena’s robotic team take part in the Pearl Diving category. As for, the name of this year's elementary school regular category challenge is "Pearl Diving". This year's theme, "Robot Explorers", encourages students to build robots that can investigate and explore different environments, some of them hostile to humans. This game challenges you to build a robot that can dive and explore under the sea for pearls. For each dive contestants will only have 30 seconds before the robot needs to come back up for air. The robot's mission is to ‘dive’ into the water and determine the number of ‘pearls’ found in each of the three colored zones. The robot must determine the number of ‘pearls’ that each cube represents by its color. Each ‘pearl’ found is represented by one Ping-Pong ball. The sum of the ‘pearls’ found in a colored zone gives the total number of Ping-Pong balls the robot should deposit into the large colored area associated with that zone.

There are a total of 8 students took part in this training project:

  1. Muhammad Faiq
  2. Admir Haiqal
  3. Aliff Ikhwan Shahimi
  4. Najihah Humaira
  5. Sharifah Shaqeerah Az-Zahara
  6. Ahmad Hazril Mustaqim
  7. Shautul Wafie
  8. Muhammad Qhalif Azariq

The training had been started since May 2015. For the first month of training, the students are exposed to the basic knowledge of robotics. For example, the definition of robot, function of a robot, parts of robot and a simple operation of robot. The class has been conducted in CEASTech. The students also has been introduced to the flow of programming that will be used in the competition.  The second phase of training is to expose the students to all of the parts of the robots. The students have to know the name of the parts and are able to differentiate the parts in the process of making robots

This robotic training and competition has many positive impacts to the students and to the mentors as well. As such, it is a good exposure to the primary school students as they have been taught basic programming and robotic knowledge. They also are given chance to build robot on their own and master the steps involves in building robot within the specific time given. Furthermore, this helps to develop good communication and social skills among the students. As for the mentors, it is a great experience to get involved in this project as it also gives a lot of knowledge on robotics, as well as testing on the level of social skills and teaching ability since this project involves primary school students as the students.





Prepared by

Dr. Latifah Munirah Kamarudin

Project Coordinator

School of Computer and Communication Engineering

Universiti Malaysia Perlis


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