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Research Areas

Communication Engineering is key to acquiring the source intelligence at a tele-receiver by incorporating suitable encoding, encryption and modulating the analogue signals mostly converted into digital word, or digital data itself as raw information, at the transmitter to suit the transmission line and carrying out the reverse at the sinking end to receive error free signalling. Multi-input multi-output signalling is the theme of the day promoting FDMA, TDMA, CDMA, WCDMA, ODFMA and their combinations. These are to be carried out eliminating any cross talk or interference. The medium of transmission can be hard wired or, soft wired. The hard wired media uses electrical or, optically conducting cabling while the soft media uses ambience. In either case, these days, sufficient intelligence is introduced in transmission media to take its own routing decisions and to send error free cost effective data to the destination within the delays defined by standards.


Many other value aided and cost dependent features are being incorporated in the communication system. Challenge of enhancing data rate with increased distance on existing lines is being successfully met. Wireless technologies uses wide electromagnetic frequency spectrum and satellite. Dedicated VLSI devices and incorporation of optically controlled mechanical switches in these VLSI devices is the new area of research and development. Smart antenna designing on PCB is quite exciting field of research. Extensive use of microelectronics, Programmable Logic Gate Array Devices and DSP is encouraged as embedded part in communication system. Research is being carried out on application based auto reconfigurability of these devices. 4th generation cellular, mobile phones, High resolution TVs and several other equipments are heading for Internet connectivity and any many other user based applications. Automatic remote control of various gazettes at home and office is yet another forthcoming popular application.


Computer & Networking Engineering is a multidisciplinary area. This discipline uses embedded system based on FPGA, VLSI, Microprocessor, Micro-controller, Single Board Computer etc., controlled by both software and require electronic (computer) knowledge for application development. Computer Engineering is about both hardware and software design to develop an embedded system for function such as controlling real or virtual systems. Most of the hard-wired applications are being replaced by software due to the flexibility and ease for modification. Real time control of processes, computer controlled auto-mobiles for monitoring its performance, networking applications (routing, firewall and filtering) are example of embedded system which require both hardware and software knowledge related to computer. Mobile computing is another fascinating field of applications that is being actively explored.


In this reference, SCCE has identified the following three (3) Research Areas:

Embedded System Design

  • Adaptive Digital Signal Processing systems
  • System on Chip (SoC) design
  • Embedded Vision systems
  • FPGA based digital system designs
  • Applications development based on Single Board Computer and GNU/Linux

Communications System

  • Smart antenna and RF designs
  • Intelligent networking systems
  • MIMO & adaptive equalization communication systems
  • Dedicated statistical digital signal processing systems
  • Optical Coding System

Computer, Networking and Vision

  • Computer & Optical Networks
  • Computer Architecture Designs for specific area of applications
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • Multimedia Systems
  • Operating Systems
  • Network Security
  • Fault Tolerant Computing
  • Mobile Computing
  • Real Time System, validation and verification

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