Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organization's responsibilities for the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. 

In School of Computer and Communication Engineering (SCCE), we strive our best to provide CSR to the surrounding communities such as working in partnership with local communities, socially responsible investment (SRI), environmental protection and sustainability. 

This page report CSR's activities that have been done by the School of Computer and Communication Engineering (SCCE).  


    In conjuction with the blessed holy month of Ramadhan, SCCE UniMAP Staff Club has organized "1 KID 1 BAJU RAYA" program. The objective of this program is to fundraising some money for 40 orphanages/abadoned children and teenagers at Rumah Teduh Perlis for them to buy new baju raya and an Iftar meal for them. 

    Alhamdulillah, with a generosity from the SCCE staff and family members, the program managed to collect a large amount of money more than we have targeted. They not only get a set of new baju raya but also new shoes and shawl. 

    On the 1st June 2018, SCCE staff members did bring the kids to The Store Kangar to buy the baju raya and shoes. Then, on the 5th of June, there was Iftar session with the kids at the Rumah Teduh along with the baju and duit raya giving ceremony by the Dean of School of Computer and Communication Engineering. 

    p/s Due to protect and respect their privacy, the kids' faces are being blurred. 







  • Gotong-royong with Felda Chuping

    The Community Service Program was launched on 11 July 2018 was organized by the PPKKP Staff Club in collaboration with the School of Computer and Communication Engineering (PPKKP).

    The program aims to strengthen the relationship between Felda Chuping village residents and PPKKP. This program received encouraging cooperation from Felda Chuping village residents as well as PPKKP staff. More than 50 volunteers involved in this community service program include PPKKP staff and villagers of Felda Chuping.

    Among the activities involved are to clean up roads, graves and mosques, Titian Kasih Program where donations are given to the needy felda citizens and the latter is a Symbolic Planting. This program has resulted in realization of all the volunteers involved and succeeded in establishing friendships with Felda Chuping residents. Hopefully such programs can be continued from time to time in helping to reach senior citizens and those who are unfortunate.







  • Ikatan Ukhwah with Yayasan Saad and Mak Teh Perlis Orphanage Welfare Organization

    Kangar, 22 July 2018 - The SCCE staff club and SCCE Promotion Team have organized a Community Service Program (CSR) which is the Ikatan Ukhwah PPKKP held at Rumah Mak Teh, Kangar. The program involves two orphaned welfare organizations namely Rumah Mak Teh and Yayasan Saad of 45 people. The essence of this program is to raise awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) among students (orphans). Among the interesting activities held are aerobics, group exercise activities (LDKs), IoT casual chat sessions, and interactive science games. The activities started as early as 8 am and concluded around 1 noon. Academic and technical staffs were involved in the half-day activities.




  • Plogging & Relaxing Goodwill Asnaf Program

    Kangar, 22 December 2019 - The SCCE staff club in collaboration with Hidayah Center Foundation Perlis  has jointly made the "Plogging & Relaxing Goodwill Asnaf" program in Kampung Pulau Ketam, Kuala Perlis. A relaxing program involving staff of the School of Computer Engineering and Communication led by Staff Club Chairman, Ir. Zahari Awang Ahmad and volunteers Rakan Hidayah started cleaning the area from the grounds of the University of Perlis Islamic College, Seberang Many to Kampung Pulau Ketam.

    The aim of organizing this activity is to promote volunteer activities to maintain the cleanliness of the area and at the same time increase the fitness levels of the participants.

    In addition, it also aims to educate participants on a healthy lifestyle with active participation in physical activity. Indirectly this activity can also foster closer relationships between the staff members of the staff and the non-governmental organizations involved and can positively impact the participants.

    The program concludes with a contribution to the new muslim converts who are also involved in the success of the plogging program.